Friday, September 30, 2011

Jim Alexander


Jim Alexander

It is 2 months short of 9 years since I moved into this Mobile Home. I love it very much. For nine years I shared it with my sweetheart, my wife,-my life,-Donna Lee and her constant companion and dear friend, Chico the Wonder Dog. It was wonderful.

This last two years have been very lonely for me…my sweet wife went to Heaven a couple of years after her baby, Chico the Wonder Dog, went to Doggie Heaven. Sometimes almost anyone enjoys being alone. This has not been how it has been for me since my darling wife left. I miss her every day and night…every hour…every minute…every second…to split the second that I never think of you, my sweet wife, is just impossible. She was always here…a miracle beside me…a reason for everything…a reason for life itself.

But now this Heaven I shared with my miracle is empty and I am getting old without her support and love to hold me up and urge me on. So I will sell my little piece of Heaven and trade it for the however limited amount of security of living in Modesto near my children and other family.

After I finish my very unimportant life, I will return to Red Bluff and my ashes of love will be placed beside my sweet wife,-I will lie beside her one more time,-this time forever. Thank you, God, for giving me a miracle of perfection, my wife,-my life even if only a this very short thirty eight years, and thank you, my dear friends and family for being here for me in this life.

I love you and miss you very much, my Donna Lee…

I am always your teddy bear…Jim…JC…Alex…