Saturday, November 27, 2010


* I started this blog post quite a few months back and I decided that, instead of writing a new one and wasting this one, I will just finish this like it is appropriate for now. Ahyhoo',-here goes...

I think that is the right word. To begin, in the past year since the Memorial Service for my sweet Donna Lee, there have been no more than twelve different people in my home.(if my memory serves me well) Two of those people were here to buy Donnas' Mercury Gran Marquis automobile. So they do not count as company.

And I can't hardly count the five visits from my sweetie because, although I heard her voice once, I never saw her. Nor can I count the few visits from Chico the Wonder Dog because, although I heard his ear flaps do their noise thing, I never saw him either.

Oh, you could say, "Poor James,-so alone and lonesome." And you would be right part of the time. I must say, it does get long here sometimes, having no voice to listen to and no person to see. And to make it worse, I can't stand to have the TV on during the day and listen to the noise it makes. To Donna, that was company; to me, an agitation. So, it is very quiet much of the time.

But, (and here is the conundrum) at times when I had an opportunity to invite some acquaintance into my home, I chose not to do it. Why I made this choice is, in part, somewhat of a mystery to me. I have always valued my solitude, being the loner that I am, but even loners need company sometimes. To be where there is never the sound of a human voice except for my own and the TV, is sort of weird sometimes. And scary, sort of, sometimes. I have to admit I have people on line to communicate with so I am not all alone, at that.

Face Book is a source of company for me and I have several sites on You Tube I go to every day.
But this last weekend was nice. My niece, Shelby Weatherford, had a wedding shower on Saturday in Modesto and I drove there and attended it and sang a few songs for them. The fellow she is marrying seems like a nice guy. He has already made plans to go into the military right after March 12, their wedding date. He will train to be a Tank man, starting out as gunner. They seem to be very much in love.
I, also, had a nice visit with my big sister, Mickey, and her daughters, Gail and Lano. Lano is Shelby's mother.

Yesterday was my son's 52nd birthday anniversary. My, my,-he is getting on up there in age. I went to my daughter, Margaret's, house and visited with her a while. Lorado was there and I took him out for breakfast at Denny's Restaurant. Then we drove around to see some of the places where I grew up,-in the airport district...little okie. It didn't do much for him but I must say, I got somewhat nostalgic. I spent the better part of ten years there. The house I lived in was gone and an apartment house was there. The thing I remembered most was a small tree mother planted. It started at about four feet tall and now it is a giant.

Then we went to where Lorado's girlfriend lives and I said hello to my grandson, Jaydon. He is quite a boy.

Then I went back to the motel and went on line with my laptop pc and talked to my little girl, Tina, in Portugal. We had a nice chat then I checked out and drove home. I got there just in time to see her on the web cam and say hello and good night.

That is about it for this time. Maybe I won't wait so long to write again.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gosh,-and I Was Feeling So Good...

...too good, I guess. I haven't had a bad cold in about forty years (about 8 months) and I hadn't even heard of Whooping Cough in about forty years (yeah...about 40 years) so I am told I need to be vaccinated for whooping cough, and like the dummy that I am, I agree and I get the shot.

OK, now I haven't heard of whooping cough for about 6 seconds (6 seconds) and haven't had a bad cold in about two days ago. (that's 2 days) Well, I guess the shot worked because I still don't have whooping cough but I damn sure do have a bad cold. I know it is just a coincidence I got the cold a couple of days after the vaccination. Ask anyone.

I'm sure glad I got that off of my chest. Now for my guarantee: I WILL NEVER AGAIN GET A WHOOPING COUGH SHOT!!! I wish I could say the same for the bad cold.

Right now I should be in Shasta Lake City, singing and entertaining senior citizens.

That was yesterday. Big bummer!!! Gosh, and I always have such a wonderful time at Shasta Lake City Senior Citizen Nutrition Center. Sometimes I even make enough money from tips (gratuities) to pay for my gas from Red Bluff to there and back. 'wow'... But the folks are nice and we do have a nice time.

Now it's 5:07 am here and I slept in until after 4 o'clock. 'yay'...I hope this is my last 'bad cold' day. There is an acoustic instrument musical jam session tomorrow at the Twin View Mobile Park recreation center. I'd sure like to go to it. Maybe I will be well enough to at least show up for a while. I hope so. A lady friend and I were planning on singing a song or two together and I am really looking forward to it. She is a very pleasant lady and a good singer and I would enjoy just about anything that involves her. ((^.~)) ((^.~))...(wink-wink) :( OK-OK,-I'll be nice!!

Well, I'd better post this and get it over with. Maybe add too it a little later.

My silver lining: Since I was sick yesterday, I had some quality time to spend with my little girl, Tina, in Portugal! yum yum! She is such a sweetie!! She is teaching me some Portuguese and I am teaching her a few things about America; American men, mostly! Me, mostly! 'chuckle' What a blessing she is.

OK, OK! (I already said that, didn't I) Yeah, all right. I better git {sic} this on the i-net before I think up sumfin {sic-again} else to add.

'oops'...too late... I need to add; there is a video on You Tube called, "I Want To Be With You Forever," by a group called Westlife that is about the greatest video I have seen. It is so well made that it's scary. If you watch it, I guarantee you will think of someone you love now or have loved in the past. It just does that to people. ...

I should add, there is a flashing sign that says, "I Fucking Love You," as the title and as a scene in the video. I know this will be a bit offensive to some was to me,-I almost didn't watch it because of that sign. But it is done to drive home a point and it does it very well so, if you want to be happy and sad at the same time, watch this wonderfully made video and listen to this beautiful song and you can just close your eyes when this one scene comes on. The rest of the video is outstanding.