Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Another Day...

Well, gosh...it seems like a year since I blogged. 'duh' Hey, dummy, it has been a year...But, as Chico the Wonder Dog would say, "Yeah,-and so...?" How much more profound can one get than that!!! He is so smart.

Moving on to other things; today is once again a day to entertain senior citizens. (some even more senior than me-'chuckle') Today my excursion into the realm of entertainment will take place at the Shasta Lake Senior Citizen Nutrition Center and Recreation Hall...'whew-what a mouthful'-

This is always a pleasant gig,-the folks there are very receptive and friendly. It is about 40 miles from my home so the round trip is 80 miles. With the price of gasoline as high as it is these days, it costs me about 12 bucks to go there and back. I always need to rely on the generosity of my audience to pay for the gas. They contribute to the kitty, my tip jar, to help me finance my trips to and from there. And, I am happy to say, most days yield enough money in tips to pay for that session.

I look forward to today, to see and be with the friendly folks there. The manager, a very nice and friendly lady named Rita, makes it pleasant for me with her friendliness and generosity. She, along with certain others, always 'feeds the Kitty' and makes my jaunts affordable.

And so, without further ado, I ready myself for this, what should be pleasant and rewarding, day!

And so I take my leave. I will report on any happenings worth mentioning. Thank you, dear friends, for your rapt attention. (nice word, 'rapt',-I've always wanted to use it and, 'voila,' here it has happened-this day has begun well!!)



jel said...

hope the trip was a good one!

J C said...

It was, jel, my friend...thank you very much...:):):)