Friday, October 29, 2010

Another Senior Day...

Today is another senior day. This time it is at the Frontier Hall in Anderson. It is always a nice visit there. The folks there are very friendly and responsive. However, this is close to the end of the month and their resources are probably depleted so the tips will be few, I suppose. I always depend on tips to pay for the gas it takes to go there and back.

Last time was wonderful. I hooked up my computer so I could use Band in a Box for my musical background and, 'voila', I got an internet signal! I signed in to messenger and there was Tina, my little sweetheart in Portugal, on line. She stayed on line with me all through the show! It was great!

I put her on full screen and introduced her to everyone by turning the laptop PC toward the dining area! Everyone said hello to her and she said hello to them. Then I went ahead and did the rest of my program with her there watching. She was thrilled to be in America with me! And I was thrilled to be with her! It was wonderful! Maybe she will be there today again. I hope so.
I'll save this now and finish when I get back.

I'm back...Friday was another wonderful day. Tina was there again. Isn't modern technology great? It was another wonderful day, sharing my sweetheart from Portugal with my friends at the center.

Some folks dressed for Halloween. There was a small ceremony where all the costumed folks had a little parade around the room and then a vote to see who would receive a prize for the best costume. It was a lot of fun. And Tina watched all the proceedings, the parade and, also, watched while we said our pledge of allegiance to our flag and then had a moment of silence for anyone who wished to thank God for our blessings. She was very impressed with everything. Now she is an American!! At least with all of us at the center, she is.
I am so impressed with this young woman in Portugal, and I love her dearly. She literally saved my life and now she owns it. Maybe I will explain that statement someday, but for now, that is another story.

Today is a jam session day. I go to Palo Cedro to Jans' house. It is always a lot of fun there. It's a bit small, the space in the session room, but very cozy. And Jan is an exceptional hostess.
So now I take my leave. I will report back in a day or so. Until then, I'll see you later,- 'If the good Lord's willing and the creek don't rise!' Have a good one!


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