Monday, October 11, 2010

A Little Weird...

I was perusing my conglomeration of poems yesterday and came across this little gem. As I recall, my wife, Donna, (this is before she was -'Donna Lee') and I lived in a small, little bitty out of the way burg out east of Redding called Shingletown, on Bambi Drive.

We were out back smoking a j...t..-'er..oops'..., a cigarette and listening to music on the radio. A song played that was so stupid as to be almost comical and I, of course, being the very opinionated person I am, expressed an opinion about said song that, I am certain, would not have interested anyone in the world. (either the opinion or the song)

What I said was something like, 'what a stupid song. I can't understand what the heck it even means.'...-and added to Donna, 'Can you, honey?'.-honey!...- and she responded, "Can I what? I wasn't listening." (and this was when she actually was paying more attention to me than usual-usually she would have just stayed in limbo and not responded at all or nodded off at my question...she valued my opinions that much)

She mumbled something like...'-so good...uh, I was busy...' Folks, please forgive me if I don't even try to explain that one. I mumbled something like, 'Thank you, darling, for your rapt attention.' As her eyes focused on me, I saw a smile play around the edges of her mouth. Boy, all of a sudden I reveled in her attention, so I proceeded...

'I think I'll try to write a poem like that song was,-meaningless and weird.' Donna replied, 'you're not really weird, Jim, just a little strange sometimes.' I retorted, 'Honey I didn't mean me, I meant...uh..-oh, never mind.' She complied to never mind. She was so accommodating.

Well, to make a long story short, I wrote this poem. I won't name it here so you can not only read it but can put whatever title to it as suits your fancy. I'll be interested in seeing what names come up for it. (provided anyone even reads it-'duh') It goes:

Daylight mingles with the rising sun,
Day has just begun to cover up my fears,
Gray night-flashes fading one by one,
Glowing embers turning to ashes of my tears.

Hear the quiet of the yesterday
Start another way to push me to the line.
Roaring nothings laughing in my ear,
Telling me to fear what I know is mine.

Hold to now, let go of other days,
Push out all the rays of passions of the past!
Bursting pin-point heavens ever play,
Showing me the way. The breath is here at last

Let me know what you think. If this is a success, maybe I'll write one that makes sense.



jel said...

u o kay ?

J C said...

Yes, my friend, I'm fine. Thanks for asking...